Your Club is encouraged to apply to enjoy this wonderful international exchange, and get to know these great Australians by:

  1. having them visit your club
  2. hosting them in your homes for 4 to 7 days,or
  3. providing vocational exchange opportunities.

Your club applies through your GSE Regional Representative, who coordinates the logistics, transportation, and assure the quality of each exchange. Learn more here.

Next year we will have two GSE’s - one with District 3720 in South Korea, the other with District 4820 in Argentina - two very different cultures and languages to learn about. The first is a traditional multi-disciplinary exchange, the second will be specific to vocations involved in agriculture. The Team Leader & Team Member applications will be due in Summer of 2007 - check back later for more details.

Sincerely yours in Rotary Service,
Stewart Martin,
GSE Chair

Welcome to Rotary District 5100 Group Study Exchange

The Group Study Exchange (GSE) is one of the most popular programs of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). District 5100 participates each Rotary year.

In this GSE section of the district website, you can read about:

  • the History of GSE, and how many young people are served
  • unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunities
  • Team Selectlion and how the exchange is arranged
  • this year’s Outbound Team going to Victoria, Australia
  • the Inbound Team coming from District 9790 in Australia
  • you can learn about District 9790 via their extensive website